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6x4 chassis concrete mix truck
Identification of home improvement wooden furniture, furniture, environmental protection, first of all to the nose of this off, take a piece of wood, in the side of the groove to smell something, if the furniture on the surface of the furniture and doors inside, if more pungent, indicating that the release of formaldehyde is relatively high , Is absolutely can not choose.
Just over the smell of this clearance is not enough, and then have to rely on further identification of the visual.
Method one: look at certification
Any wood, if the declaration of environmental protection must have the State Environmental Protection Administration of green building materials ten ring certification mark. While the wooden furniture is required to have China Quality Certification Center CQC furniture product certification.
Method 2: look at the report
Flooring and furniture business needs to provide more than the authority of the provincial testing reports. It is worth noting that the test report issued must be the quality of the sales department. In addition, furniture must provide product specifications, which is mandatory.
Method three: see grade
The formaldehyde emission of wood is a certain standard. Suitable for indoor use of wood is the national standard E1 level, that is, formaldehyde emission of 0.5mg / I ~ 1.5mg / I; and formaldehyde release of less than 0.5 mg / I E0 level standard is China's upcoming European standards, This kind of wood is the most environmentally friendly on the market, but the price is more expensive.
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Wood-plastic products can now be accepted by a large number of people, then in addition to the wood flooring itself has the advantages of environmental protection and other high-performance. In fact, in addition to our well-known wood products in addition to the advantages of two are also very worthy of the introduction of the advantages of wood products that is anti-paint and fire performance.
Wood-plastic products is the introduction of international green wood cutting-edge technology, in the product of the three and the color have joined the additives and stabilizers, in order to prevent the long time and the formation of the fade problem, specifically on the product surface to do a Layer UV treatment, to prevent ultraviolet radiation, can effectively use up to 20 years, long time in the outdoor use although it will fade a little bit, but will not affect the visual beauty, it can be said that ecological wood than other building materials Said that other products are not comparable. Customers do not have to worry about ecological wood and wood products fade problems.
Wood-plastic products Fire: can effectively flame retardant, fire rating to B1 level, the case of fire self-extinguishing, does not produce any toxic gases. High environmental protection, pollution-free, pollution-free, recyclable. Products do not contain benzene, formaldehyde content of 0.2, lower than the EO-class standards for the European environmental standards, can be recycled to greatly save the amount of wood for sustainable development of the national policy for the benefit of the community. Variety of colors to choose from. Both with natural wood texture and wood texture, but also according to their own personality to customize the needs of the color pest control, anti-termite, effectively prevent insects harassment, to extend the service life.
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start the fourth business?
Zhang Enjiu: I plan to pass the five years, from the beginning of this year, through five years, the whole set of long life holding group responsibilities to let him provoke, in charge of the overall situation, I think he must be able to Sina home: Li Ka-shing nearly 90 Old age is also active in the business community, recyclable WPC pergolahis two sons are also very successful, you consider five years after Zhang Kai then long-sheng full business, you want to retire or want to start the fourth business? Zhang Enjiu: I actually have to enter the retirement state, on the one hand is to enjoy their own lives, I think to do some things they like to do, can not long in the long-Sheng career this platform completely occupy this position, let Zhang Kai can Completely independent.
The second is that we have a complete professional manager of the team, so every company, every piece of business is currently managed is relatively perfect, can not get any big problem. I still have some energy in the case, I can also support Zhang Kai together with the third venture to a new climax. Continued innovation to enable enterprises to have a strong vitality As a successor of the long-Sheng Group, Zhang Kai said that we must inherit the success of the long-sheng gene inheritance, innovation in the achievements, whether in the enterprise system, business management, or investment,Choose Your Wood Plastic Garage Flooring Even if it is a new product, the new business, he must for the group's innovation, make every effort to contribute.
Sina home: As a private entrepreneur for more than 30 years, in the whole economic field, do you think private enterprises in the development process, including the future the biggest challenge where? Where is the biggest chance point? Because in China to do private enterprises, experienced a lot of our reform and opening up is touched by a stone across the river, and later to the state economy to the market economy open, the so-called country to withdraw from the people, then the last decade we experienced the entire industry changes , To invest in the business is very bad for our business, once in the entire economic field that are another country into the people back, we have been in the private enterprises in the cracks in the survival of some industry,
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and the China Forest Products Industry Association Zhang Senlin, Director of China Institute of Wood Industry, Mr. Lin Kelin, Vice Chairman of China Forest Products Industry Association, Chairman of China Wood and Wood Products Circulation Association, Anti-ultraviolet WPC pergola Director of China Timber Conservation Development Center Liu Nengwen, China Forest Products Industry Association Floor Director of China Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Director of China Wood-based Panel Testing Center Lu Bin, Chairman of China Council of Wood and Wood Products Flooring Professional Committee Li Jiafeng, Director of Consumer Guidance of China Consumer Association Zhang Dezhi and other Chinese and foreign industry experts and leaders, 
and Huzhou Nanxun People's Government Mayor Wu Jiping, Deputy Mayor Sun Genxiang and other local government leaders come to the press conference, long Sheng floor brand strategy consultant, Hong Kong famous designer Mr. Huang Zhida also invited to attend and decorate the trend of interior decoration made a wonderful analysis. On August 24th, the seminar was held in Beijing,Using WPC Material for Outdoor Flooring and the director of Ye Kelin, the deputy director of Lu Jianxiong, deputy director of Lu Bin and relevant experts attended the meeting. The meeting was attended by researcher Fu Feng, director of the Institute of Science and Technology Presided over the board, chairman of long Sheng flooring Co., Ltd. Zhang En Jiu and other company leaders and related personnel attended the meeting.
 In the face of China's new normal economic development trend, the new situation of timber resources supply, China's science and technology system reform and other new changes, long Sheng Flooring Co., Ltd. in the industry to take the lead in scientific and technological innovation and development planning, commissioned to I prepared the 2016 - 2025 " Flooring limited company scientific and technological innovation and development plan ". At the seminar, the researcher of the research department of wood functional materials, Chen Zhilin, introduced the compilation process of this plan. The director of the project has made detailed changes to the structure, content, measures and requirements of the planning, and improved the operability and practicability of the planning, 
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The initial contact Bo for the ecological wood, green wood can be a lot of people easy to use this material and other natural wood and preservative wood equate, it is not true. As a Bo for the exit of environmental protection technology sheet products, it is built on a natural basis, based on the use of natural conditions and artificial means to work together to create a healthy living products. With wood, ecological wood is not blindly abused natural resources, but the use of artificial, composite, recyclable, and natural harmless materials, which is conducive to the entire large ecological environment, the establishment of a harmonious living environment.
Other solid wood flooring to sacrifice the natural environment and the chaos of the trees is not a scientific way of ecology, its products from a certain sense is not ecological wood. Bo is the ecological wood and the general difference between the wood material is not only for the use of people pay attention to environmental health, but also focus on the protection of the natural environment.
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Enterprises bear social responsibility
social responsibility strategy and management, corporate social responsibility action, the future outlook six parts, social responsibility action embodied in the enterprise economic growth, quality and quantity; To protect the staff, people-oriented;Waterproof WPC pergola customer first, hard service; feedback society, Yong responsibility; alliance cooperation, create win-win situation; environmental protection, harmonious symbiosis and other seven aspects, long Sheng is "love dedication" Win-win "," good water "mind, leading the industry to optimize the allocation of resources, innovative business strategy, to achieve the grand goal of sustainable development. During the meeting, Zhang Enjiu, chairman of the company accepted the CCTV-2 reporter's interview, he said: scientific development, harmony,
the mighty era of the enterprise to assume more social responsibility to become a modern society on the general expectations and expectations, Also made a higher demand. Enterprises bear social responsibility, not only a trend of the times is also a development force, it is a lofty realm. Is to optimize the allocation of resources and strengthen the competitive capital of a new concept,Outdoor without painting WPC pergola the new strategy, but also a new business art. Enterprises to fulfill their social responsibility, the establishment of harmonious labor relations, accelerate the transformation of economic growth, promote structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading, nurturing and enhancing market competitiveness,
the significance is far more profound. Jusheng floor release "corporate social responsibility report" also hope to lead to more and more floor enterprises to the community commitment to enhance the level of corporate practice. In 2010, Jusheng floor to the scientific concept of development as a guide, firmly establish the concept of sustainable development, clearly put forward the "technology pilot flooring industry, the development of science and technology, Innovation and promote the development of long-term "strategic thinking, carry forward the good governance, hard work, perseverance of the spirit, take the initiative around the social and industrial development of the overall situation, with practical action to fulfill the commitment to responsibility, in accordance with the modern system of standardized operations, and gradually establish a scientific and standardized standard system, Technology development and technological innovation,
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Beach chair folding chair to pay attention to the depth of the chair
In general, in a more formal occasion, the person's sitting is very straightforward, more people like to sit in front of the chair more "shallow" position. However, if at home, relax the case may sit deeper, the whole person as if into a chair. In the purchase time, you can sit and see, try to seat the whole body when the depth of the feeling, you can know whether it is both public and private needs.
Beach chair folding chair to buy to pay attention to the height of the chair legs.
If you have the habit of freeing hands with both hands, you may wish to choose a lower armrest or no armrest chair. If you like to shrink the whole person in the middle of the chair, then the armrest is higher, the seat of the deeper chair, is probably the best choice.
Beach chair folding chair to buy to pay attention to the height of the back
For those who like "sat", in addition to the choice of no handrails, backrest stool, but also choose low handrails and low back chairs, then the occupants of the center of gravity will be placed on the human buttocks; if you like to focus on Back and therefore leaning on the back of the words, you may wish to choose the back of the higher chair, this time also can see whether the height of the back of the neck in the vicinity of the neck, sometimes high in the neck near the chair, but let the user habitually neck 90 degrees on the back of the angle, this way but easily lead to cervical injury.
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Shanghai seven really limited company's wood flooring, also known as ecological wood, is based on woody plants, grasses and vines and their processing residues as the main raw material, with a certain percentage of high molecular polymer, through the physical, chemical And automatic control and other high-tech means, after processing a professional process of processing a recycling of environmentally friendly new materials.
"This material not only in the performance of the collection of wood, plastic dual advantages, but also have the advantages of ordinary building materials do not have." Compared with solid wood and fiberboard materials, wood-plastic composite materials in the wear, corrosion, moisture, Deformation, fire-retardant, environmental protection and other aspects of outstanding advantages, to withstand the cold and dry weather in the north and the South high temperature and humidity weather damage to the performance of the plate.
Wood plastic materials widely used, people can not only in the outdoor villas, pavilions, green landscapes, municipal facilities to see the figure of wood-plastic materials, but also in the interior materials, home, flooring and other fields, wood-plastic materials are also highly consumer welcome.
Constraints of wood-plastic materials into the field of interior decoration in China is a major factor in the traditional wood-plastic material surface sensory grade is not high enough, if you can do "face" project, wood-plastic materials in the use of interior decoration will be greatly increased. For example, the use of solid wood veneer, can be used as flooring, decorative panels, partitions, etc.; and melamine film paper can be used to make furniture; wood plastic materials to make a variety of wood, color patterns, can be used as Decorative wood; wood plastic materials can also be made of door core material. It is noted that the Pujin launched the Austrian holy ecological wood products, all kinds of grain pattern up to dozens of, effectively improve the wood plastic materials, indoor use of ornamental.
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1, with soap, hot water and bristles to remove dirt and residue. After the parquet has been installed, clean up the dirt and slag in this way.
2, with alcohol or acetone gently wipe printed on the side of the stamped wood stamp.
3. Use conventional floor cleaners or detergents containing bleach (sodium hypochlorite) and detergents.
4, the floor has grease stains, immediately use the household in addition to oil removal, and then rinse with hot water.
5, with hot soapy water and bleach to clean the area with a pencil mark. The colored chalk mark is stubborn and can not be cleared, so consider using white chalk or talc on the floor.
6, in the floor to melt ice and calcium chloride or salt, most of the home maintenance stores have. When the ice begins to melt, it is washed out.
7, with hot soapy water to remove ink stains, and then thoroughly cleaned.
8, the use of oxalic acid or phosphate-containing cleaning products to remove dirt on the floor, rust stains. This will reduce the stain and it is possible to remove it.
9, the use of common rust cleaning agent to remove the weather caused by the precipitation of precipitation pollution.
10, according to the instructions on the bleach package, the bleach mixed with hot water to clean wine stains and fruit stains. Wipe the stains gently and rinse with hot water.
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General outdoor leisure chairs and more to reinforced concrete as the main raw material, and then add other light bones material condensed together, but also wood and metal garden chairs, the choice of these materials is the main reason for outdoor use can extend life.
Outdoor leisure chair highlights: a single function, mainly placed in parks, residential, roadside and other outdoor places. Many people use, for outdoor cool cool, rest and so on;
  Outdoor leisure chair highlights two: fire, security, anti-corrosion, to meet the rest of people without disturbing each other.
Outdoor lighting chair highlights three: visual effects on the main coordination with the outdoor environment, the use of wood, marble and other natural materials, modeling creativity, nice, approachable, without special luxury;
From the material, the outdoor leisure chair because of its environment for the outdoor, so the material optional narrow. Multi-marble, marble, wood, stainless steel, steel and other materials based. Placed for parks, residential, roadside and other public places, so its high exposure and high damage, it must require regular maintenance and renovation.
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