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6x4 chassis concrete mix truck
domestic wood flooring in the major regions
Sometimes within ten days, the same brand of products will be able to appear two different prices, although the gap may not be too big, but also the consumer confused as the fog, flower. Why is the recent price of wood flooring will be capricious? Visit some of the market business,Easy installation WPC pergola know some of the root: First, the last period of time, the state on the macroeconomic regulation and control, as well as raising bank rates, strict control of construction land approval and a series of policies, regulations and systems frequently introduced, Building decoration is closely related to the wood flooring industry due to the implicated, the reaction is extremely sensitive.
 In other words, whether it is the direct intervention of the policy, or the impact of remote radiation, wood flooring prices can be reflected through a slight concussion. Second, the supply of domestic wood flooring in the major regions, reflected between the various cities is very uneven.Wood Plastic Flooring Products Such as the southeastern coastal areas and Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shenzhen and other large cities sales are large, which sometimes supply less time, or the arrival of too much, the price will have a slight fluctuation. In contrast, the central and western regions and small and medium-sized city wood flooring products because of the supply and demand situation is more stable, the price market seems to be constant. 
Prices of these areas are also often affected by coastal and metropolitan movements. Third, some rich experience in the distribution of floor businessmen generally reflect that, despite the recent wooden floor prices slightly up and down the phenomenon, but compared with the same period last year, the price trend is still rising. In particular, solid wood flooring, due to the global shortage of resources,Long Life WPC Deck Flooring strong prices and continued to rise has become a general trend. For example, in the high-grade solid wood flooring, has been singing the main representative of the species of heavy ants wood, good grades have exceeded 500 yuan mark. As for the products such as teak, balsam pear beans and twin trees and other trees, also rose from 20-60 yuan. Of course, in which the rise or fall between the 5-20 yuan gap, it should be normal. 
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reviews on plastic deck floors
short-term flooring products consumption impact
The series of double-end milling with a low-pressure adsorption belt feed, horizontal double-end milling adsorption table with the compression, chamfering scraper, horizontal double-end milling for the block and compression, plasma and other devices in addition to static.Wood Plastic Composite Decking Around the Pool In the same period, Mr. Dean Roland Dengler, as a lecturer in the German Hammer Group, appeared as a lecturer at the 2014 China Flooring Technology Innovation Forum, and discussed with the audience how automation became the future development trend of China's flooring industry. We see 17173, the country issued 10 document is currently only within the government's guidance documents, the relevant operational rules have not yet surfaced.
but in the post-financial crisis, the main real estate market for 10 consecutive months, and most of the increase of more than 50 % Of the background, the State Council at the expense of the use of "government hand" the introduction of such a strong regulatory policy, indicating that the government to curb some of the city housing prices rose too fast firm determination,Best Outdoor Decking Material its impact on the real estate market is undoubtedly huge and far - reaching, The ripple effect of the policy will be covered to the various economic levels, the same, the floor industry is no exception. All along, the real estate market and the relationship between the flooring industry have a one-way impact of the state, especially after the financial crisis, China has become the most important Chinese flooring market, so this quasi-dependency relationship is more obvious and strong.
To the extent that the floor has almost become a real estate downstream industry, can be said to die cold teeth, flesh and blood connected to the point. The author thinks that it is necessary to accurately interpret the spirit of the document [2010] No. 10, and adjust the strategy and tactics of short-term development according to its spirit to help the enterprise to better Development,Anti-ultraviolet WPC pergola and to avoid the risk of some policy adjustments. The following test for everyone to do a prediction, only one of the words: First, the National 10 file on the short-term flooring products consumption impact. According to the network survey, since the 10 document published, the real estate intention to consumers generally wait and see state.
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many flooring companies can make a difference
Fully do both domestic and foreign markets Recently, the rich forest floor analysis of the market environment that from the previous single-oriented, to fully utilize the domestic and foreign markets, will be under the influence of the financial crisis, China's export business of the main floor of the floor. Fulin floor marketing center, the person in charge told reporters: "In fact,Why Choose Vinyl Fencing for Outdoor the rich floor of the floor from the export to the domestic transformation, does not mean that to abandon the foreign market, but in a special economic environment to make adaptive adjustment." According to the authority Department of estimates: the current domestic flooring market available space in 350 million square meters, the international flooring market available space in the 400 million square meters, so that the size of the market or so many flooring companies can make a difference. 
Beginning in 2008, Fu Lin floor into a huge human, material and financial resources for the construction of the development of the domestic market, has more than 30 large and medium provinces in more than 400 secondary and tertiary cities to establish a dealer and shop system.recyclable WPC pergola material Accurate to the 23 market transfer With the major real estate developers have fought two or three cities, the flooring market with the real estate industry to the second and third tier cities. In the export to domestic sales adjustment plan, the rich forest floor will focus on the beginning of the strategy aimed at two or three cities, so that accurate marketing. According to the person in charge of Fulin floor, in the second and third tier market strategic transfer process, to select the industrial market.
by the financial crisis, "survival of the fittest" survival rules, the existing industrial market to re-evaluate the screening is still active Of the project to expand the terminal network; the same time, in addition to the professional development of large-scale building materials market,withstand moisture wood composite pergola the need to enter the local influential building materials wholesale market, and to ensure its adequate product resources and promotional promotional items to provide a strong promotion stand by. According to the Beijing Morning News reported that September 13 to 16, China Forest Products Industry Association in the International Exhibition Center held the sixth China International Ground Decoration and carpet exhibition. 
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neither solid wood flooring
Exports accounted for higher enterprises to seek a new way some of the higher export business in the positive response to " In early December, the US International Trade Commission announced the results of a few days after the announcement, Coronation Wood will issue a notice,Building a Outdoor Curved Wood Plastic Benches said the company was investigating the amount of about 165 million yuan of products involved in the investigation. Shows that the specific products involved in the year 2009 exports to the United States the value of 912.799 million yuan of products, The company's main income ratio of 38.52%, as well as January-September 2010 value of 73.4143 million yuan of products, accounting for 33.84% of the main income ratio.
The relevant person in charge of the enterprise said that because the current "double reverse" So he has not yet had an impact on the export business, and he said that the past two years, the company has started to develop the domestic market, and the initial results.The data show that as of mid-2010, Coronal Wood domestic market accounted for the proportion of the main income 12.93%.Inexpensive Wood Plastic Patio Flooring Little impact on the domestic well-known enterprises, but the impact of the survey on the business are also different.Results from several domestic building materials stores in the common floor brand enterprises learned that, compared with the export-oriented enterprises, the double The impact of the survey on them is not large.
Flooring export business accounted for only about 10% of the company's main revenue. In addition, the company exports products to strengthen the floor-based. "Nature flooring market brand director Guan Qilin said that the" double reverse "on the impact of the enterprise is not too much.Best Wood Plastic Fence for PoolIt is understood that the" double reverse "to investigate the product for two or more layers and core layer Combined with the composition of the multi-layer wood flooring. Multi-layer solid wood flooring is neither solid wood flooring, nor is it to strengthen the floor. Reporters learned from the Friends of the floor, the current export business accounted for about 20% to 30% To solid wood flooring and solid wood flooring mainly.
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floor industry veterans signed
signings, which is the largest pattern of flooring industry nowadays popular marketing means, which is known as "The most diligent" CEOs when the number of Ruijia floor general manager Yuan Yide, his most of the year weekend is the second and third tier cities across the country to sign the activities spent.Privacy Vinyl Fencing Installation Tips The same is the sign, the number of different brands is not the same. May 15, just signed back from Zhengzhou Yuan Yide in an exclusive interview with this reporter, the big floor of the floor industry veterans signed a variety of "strange", such as gift feedback only fame, regional director fake CEOs, fake "foreign directors" Help out, exaggerate the 
scale of enterprises and so on. Yuan Yide said that the public came out to expose the signing of the "tricky" is not to combat opponents, but hope that the floor between enterprises through healthy competition to promote the healthy development of the industry,Installation Guide of WPC Railing so that consumers get real benefits from the signings. Strange one: one million big names do not match the CEOs of the reason why the sale of sales is quite effective, largely from the consumer to see the brand boss in person to second and third tier cities, in the psychological will produce more trust, Coupled with the veterans are often not empty-handed, but to gift-giving way to attract consumers, 
but there is a lot of knowledge. Yuan Yide told reporters that a brand floor in the "51" during the CEOs to carry out the signing, while playing the "million gift truth feedback consumer" banner, the use of various media, use propaganda vehicles, large inkjet, and even artificial speakers " And other forms for the CEOs to sign the rally,Choose Wood Plastic Flooring Tips many people are directed at the "gift" to go. But if the consumer calm down afterwards, it is easy to judge this "ceremony" of credibility. For example, if a president to a city sign to bring "million gift", if the period sold 100,000 square meters, the cost per square meter of the cost of 10 yuan cost, but if only sales of 10,000 square 
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wood polymer composite applications

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