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Anti-static floor also called static dissipative floor. Is a floor, when it is grounded or connected to any lower potential point, the charge can dissipate to the resistance between 1.0x105-10Ω characterized.outdoor decking Computer room anti-static technology, computer room as part of his security and protection category. Static electricity generated by a variety of reasons, most frequently occurs, one of the most difficult to eliminate hazards. Not only will the computer is running static random failure occurs, malfunction or operator error, but also lead to the breakdown of certain components, such as CMOS, MOS circuit, two-stage circuit and destruction of property.Outdoor floor Besides static electricity have a significant impact on the external device of the computer. The display device with a cathode ray tube, when subjected to static electricity can cause the image disorders, blurred not please. Static electricity will cause Modem, NIC, Fax, etc. disorders, printer alignment ring true failure.
Problems caused by static electricity is not only difficult to identify hardware staff sometimes is mistaken for software personnel software failure, resulting in confusion work.durable outdoor flooring WPC In addition, static electricity through the human body to a computer or other device discharge (the so-called ignition) when the energy reaches a certain level, will be giving the impression to electric shock. Anti-static floor main categories: anti-static ceramic tile in the process of preparation on the basis of ordinary ceramic tiles, the incorporation of anti-static function in the body and the glaze powder layer. Ceramic tile has a stable resistance value between 1.0x106-1.0x109. And to facilitate the construction, without laying copper.durable outdoor Fence Currently very popular in the market, but few manufacturers capable of producing country as a whole.
Three anti-anti-static floor, the floor made of high strength, fireproof, waterproof material for the substrate, double anti-static veneer. Waterproof, moisture-proof performance, carrying capacity, suitable for medium-sized room. Steel anti-static floor. wall panel stylesThis floor to high-quality steel plate stamping and welding after the injection of high-strength lightweight materials. High strength, waterproof, fireproof, excellent moisture resistant, suitable for high load requirements of large equipment room.
The choice of the first floor we most want to know is, what is now on the market, respectively, what are some specific types of action what kind of floor, the floor there.composite decking Floor types available in the market now are many, the most common of the different flooring materials mainly wood flooring, laminate flooring, laminate flooring, bamboo flooring, geothermal floors, vinyl flooring, and so a series of species.
Solid wood flooring is a natural material, has the advantages of synthetic materials irreplaceable, non-toxic, odorless, comfortable, cool.swimming pool decking But it also has hardwood consumption of resources, laying the installation workload, difficult to maintain and floor width direction with the relative humidity changes have a greater dimensional change and other issues. 

Parquet wood flooring and has the appearance of the same beautiful wood grain, good dimensional stability, ease of deployment and maintenance, due to the use of advanced equipment and technology, product quality more stable.cheaper balcony flooring Strengthen the wooden floor of the substrate is medium density or high density fiberboard and particleboard, good dimensional stability, the surface layer is impregnated decorative paper containing wear-resistant materials to ensure wear resistance to cigarette ignition of the surface layer, and scratch-resistant stain resistance and good performance. But the worst sense of comfort.
Root cause is the development of green building materials, due to the limited and low quality of enterprise technology, which greatly limits the development of building materials industry. The paintprice composite deck boardsindustry as one of the necessary building materials, and its green performance much attention, the lowest volume by traditional enterprises can not meet the market demand, with the social and economic development continues, the paint industry has entered the era of transition , price competition from the past into the difference competition.
consumer demand from the traditional functional requirements into functional requirements personality, green energy saving will become the mainstream of the future development of the paint.
  The implementation of green building, will further promote the development of green diy wood hand railing outdoor steps  energy saving coatings
Green building refers to the practice of building a more efficient use of resources (energy, water, and materials), and in the whole building life cycle to maximize resource conservation (energy, land, water, wealth), protection environment and reduce pollution, provide people with health, energy saving and efficient use of space, the building in harmony with nature.
Coating plays an important role in people's lives, is one of the indispensable materials in modern society. But the world each year evaporate from the paint discharged to the atmosphere of volatile organic compounds VOC about 1,000 tons, is one of the main low cost decking pavilion South Africa  sources of air pollution. In recent years, emerging urban haze, dust storms, and constantly improve people's awareness of environmental protection, national provincial green building standards and regulations to limit VOC emissions have been introduced.
After visiting the building materials market before the mountains, I know that wood flooring is primarily intended for the low consumption target high-income people, is more extensive. Mainly used for home, office and other places. Solid wood flooring is mainly for the consumer target high income, mainly for high-end houses or villas. Corrosion-resistant outdoor fenceConsumers decided to buy wood flooring or laminate flooring reason, I personally think that has its own income, the floor price and consumer preferences.
However, the price of the floor because the material is different from the grade level there is a big difference, after the former Hill interviewed found the building materials market in a number of flooring sales business sales of floor prices vary.teak boat decking Square meter, the lowest price of solid wood flooring about four hundred dollars, unlimited high a few thousand dollars. Flooring lowest price 188 yuan, the highest there between 800-900 (best visited shops). Through the building materials market before the mountains around the plate shop visit, I learned that the current demand for the floor at a moderate level of overall sales compared with the previous floor is relatively outdoor floor wholesalers According conversation between the clerk found each floor has a corresponding consumer, which means that each floor has a consumer demand for it, but not very strong, but still good.
Through the mountains to the front floor building materials market survey, I understand the advantages of solid wood flooring and laminate flooring, the demand and its price.outdoor decking price And through the use of various floor clerk introduced me to, and look at the number of times I think people buy laminate flooring has environmental advantages, performance relatively high value, it should be the future trend of the development of wood floor.
1, wood flooring: Hardwood Floors hard texture, delicate texture, good wear resistance, elastic net, beautiful. Ordinary wood hardwood flooring used are ash, birch, walnut, locust wood, crabapple wood, beech, advanced wood floor use wood cherry wood, longan wood, camphor and the like.WPC decking 2, cork flooring: mainly pine and fir (Keteleeria, hemlock, etc.), cedar production. Cork flooring seem warm, elastic.
2, but poor wear resistance. If drying is not enough, more deformable, dry. Parquet wood is used as raw material, there are the following three: 1, three-layer parquet. Using three different wood adhesive made of lead. Surface using a hard wood such as beech, birch, oak, cherry, ash, etc., outdoor waterproof flooringthe intermediate layer and the underlying use soft wood, such as pine elastic intermediate circuit board, solid wood to board, but also relatively lower cost. 2, multi-layer parquet. Multi-layer plywood for the substrate, the surface mosaic hardwood sheet, laminated by urea-formaldehyde resin.
3, new parquet. Surface using a hard wood such as beech, birch, oak, cherry. Ash, the intermediate layer and the underlying use of medium density fiberboard or high density fiberboard. Effectiveness and durability are associated with three-wood to board similar.Outdoor Wall Panel Bamboo flooring bamboo flooring is made of treated, both the rich natural beauty of natural materials, but also the advantages of wear-resistant and durable, and decay, earthquake. Cool bamboo flooring, moisture resistant, easy to use, especially to reduce the use of wood, play a role in protecting the environment.
1, the time of purchase, pay attention to the difference between the floor paint. Now, paint the floor on the market, there are two PU paint and UV paint, in the purchase of the floor must not buy PU paint the floor, because of its benzene and formaldehyde emissions are high, very environmentally friendly, but also the life of the paint very short. patio deckingUV paint is divided into two: one is ordinary bright side curtain coating UV paint, one is super wear-resistant roll of UV paint. Curtain coating require frequent waxing UV paint, paint life is generally about two years, but there is a matt UV paint roller effect, its surface is generally planar hemp, because the paint was added aluminum oxide so it has a super abrasion paint, when we buy,outdoor decking we must first learn to distinguish between ordinary paint roller and ultra-wear-resistant paint.
2, buy the floor, be sure to carefully check the thickness and notch. As standard, the thickness of the floor should be 18 mm, and a lot of the floor on the market is only 17.5 mm, the floor mostly with insufficient thickness of the plate bending restructuring or cis, cis-bent plate and most of them are not good drying or stress problems have not been resolved, Outdoor floorso the floor in the pavement easily bagging. Slot length of the floor is an easy place to cut corners, because the surface area of ??the plate surface width and length are calculated, so manufacturers produce the notch as short, its board will be wider, thus saving not less material. But the floor of the slot is short, because the bite is not good to walk on it is easy to produce sound, it issued a "creak" sound.
3, when the purchase of the floor, do not easily buy fake foreign brand products.outdoor floor Now he was just a lot of flooring manufacturers registered a brand, and then find different manufacturers of processed products and packaging their own brand, so the bad quality of the floor on the good times, so buy the floor, be sure to look at whether the crates site, while signing a contract, and to verify the manufacturers, if true, then do not buy this product. At the time of purchase, but also to Germany,plastic exterior flooring tile the German equipment and manufacturing Germany distinction. Because laminate flooring was first originated in Germany, Germany is strengthening major producers and equipment suppliers of the floor, of course, all the floors are the product of German technology, so the laminate flooring plant may be called the German technology.
Excellence: no crack plate, insect eyes, decay, bending, dead knots and other defects. B plate: the board has obvious defects and the price of the plate, WPC outdoor wall panelsonly equivalent to the provisions of the national standard of qualified products. The color board: processing without paint color "UV" leaching paint process, paint color transparent, can truly reflect the true colors of wood. Color palette: In the paint process into a specific color, so that the true quality of wood,Corrosion-resistant outdoor fence features and all the defects are difficult to identify. The above knowledge can help you identify the level of solid wood flooring, to avoid the current solid wood flooring market mixed mixed level serious cases, the occurrence of consumer errors, deceived.
On the size of solid wood flooring, the industry generally agreed: thickness 18 ± 0.2mm, width 91 (92) -0.2mm, length 460 +0.2 mm, 610 +0.2 mm. Meet the above dimensions is the "standard plate", otherwise known as the "non-target board", there is a big difference between the two. teak boat deckingThe purchase should also pay attention to check the batch of solid wood flooring: a product quality inspection certificate; marked with the Chinese product name, factory name and address; according to product characteristics, requirements, indicating product specifications, grade, the main component name and Content and so on. At the same time, its packaging must also indicate the name, name, implementation of standards, product specifications, species, grade, quantity, date of manufacture.
Moisture content refers to solid wood flooring in the sales area is not open or just remove the packaging of the state of water content. Balcony flooring decoration materialsFailure of the indicators will result in the use of deformation in the floor, warping, from the arch or from the seam and so on, affecting the appearance and use of performance. composite decking paint or stainNational standards for solid wood flooring moisture content index of 7% to the point of sale of the equilibrium moisture content. The adhesion of paint film reflects the adhesion strength of the paint to the solid wood floor. The failure of the indicator indicates that the quality of the paint on the floor is poor, which may cause the paint cracking and peeling off, which will affect the service life of the floor.
Solid wood flooring, including solid wood floor paint and UV Ming Lam wood flooring. Which is the most common solid wood floor paint UV paint, it is dried through the machine after the processing of wood, the surface after curing paint from the treatment.laminate for pickup bed hardcover material
 Common types are: oak wood paint the floor, oak leaching paint floor, Ash floor paint, birch leaching paint flooring, cherry wood leaching paint flooring, rosewood paint the floor, red sandalwood leaching paint floors and other rare precious species Paint the floor. Its surface smooth and uniform, fine wood, natural color is very small, material temperature, Jiaogan good, true nature.deck planks wholesale
 There are bright and matt two types of paint, the floor surface will not damage the eyes due to refraction of light, not because of the floor smooth and wrestling, decorative effect was also high-end, and home use and maintenance. However, due to solid wood UV paint floor wood delicate, dry, easy to shrink after damp, resulting in anti-Alice deformation, and thus installation is too much trouble.backyard patio composite deck
Disc beans wood characteristics: wood scattered porous material. The heartwood yellowish brown, the new section of yellow or light brown long air to become dark brown or golden brown; edge heartwood slightly different sapwood yellow-white, wood texture oblique or staggered structure fine to medium, slightly uniform.Environmentally friendly outdoor WPC floor Wood with a gloss, no special smell. Wood (wood to dry density of 0.51 ~ 0.72g / cm3) shrinkage to the middle (raw wood to the furnace shrinkage shrinkage, chord 3.6-6.5%, 2.1% radial, -4.0%); moderate to high intensity. Wood drying medium. 
There is a slight deformation and cracking possible. Natural decay resistance is good, heartwood is not susceptible to insect damage, sometimes by marine animals and termite hazards.outdoor wall panel Preservatives are not easy to impregnate. Wood processing easier, because the texture staggered, cut should be cut when cutting angle to prevent the wood surface tear. Paint, adhesive, sanding performance good bending performance, nail when splitting tendency, fragrant two-winged beans (two winged beans, also known as Longfeng Tan) wood features: wood loose hole.Durable outdoor fence Heartwood light reddish-brown, sometimes stripe with stripe. Centering heartwood obvious difference. Sap material color shallow. Texture often staggered. Fine structure, slightly uniform. Wood with luster; no special smell. 
Wood material is very heavy, the basic density of 0.91g / cm3, air-dry density of 1.08g / cm3 Brazilian wood). Shrinkage to large, dry shrinkage diameter of 55.4%, string 8.4%, volume 13.5%. high strength. Drying speed medium, slightly face crack. Corrosion resistance, heartwood preservative impregnation poor performance.flat metal panels As the wood hard, heavy, difficult processing, but the cut surface is smooth. Poor adhesion; abrasion resistance and weathering performance; poor stability; good paint performance. Dry weather, choose carefully.
In recent years, the application of wood-plastic composite materials production of outdoor flooring, sun room, terminal guardrail, in the decoration materials,Wood Plastic Composite Fencing wholesale can be used to do the floor, moisture-proof walls, family walls, fences, walkways , Flower boxes, all kinds of stadium decoration materials, hanging version, roof, shutters, window frames, frames.

2: Outdoor open-air facilities In urban construction and environmental planning, wood-plastic materials are widely used in parks, residential areas, streets, roads, bridges, pavilions, fences, wooden planks, public places, tables and signs, billboards, Etc., wood-plastic for its maintenance-free, paint-free,cheap outdoor wall panel anti-wind and rain, close to nature, and other advantages are widespread concern in the waterfront construction, wet environment has obvious advantages.

3: trays, crates and other packaging products, the current domestic circulation of 8,000 million, 200 million pallet consumption in North America are wooden, consume a lot of timber resources,Recyclable WPC wall panel if the wood-plastic composite material instead of wood, not only inexpensive, but Exempt from fumigation.Anticorrosive WPC flooring Wood-plastic tray combines the advantages of wooden pallets and plastic pallets and steel pallets and the basic fight to abandon its lack of wood-plastic tray with high density, high strength, fumigation, anti-acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, not aging, non-absorbent, pest control , Moisture.

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