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At home and abroad in recent years, wood-plastic products, technology development and application of rapid development. Wood filled with modified plastics abroad has already begun to study, but the high share of wood flour is filled in recent years have greater development.Corrosion resistant WPC fence In Japan, the famous "love of wood" is the class of products (using extrusion process); Canada's German company has also developed a similar plastic-wood products (using extrusion or hot pressing process); Austrian company Cincinnati and PPT (The extrusion process); South Korea's Hill Co., Ltd. (the use of extrusion combined process) developed a wood-plastic sheet products; the United States, some companies are actively developing and promoting such products .
This research has been carried out in the country, Tangshan Plastics Research Institute, National University of Defense Technology, Guangdong University of Technology in the early part of the low share of wood flour modified resin system in a number of flooring suppliers Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Beiqi Futian Company are also special equipment for the development of wood products. In addition, Wuxi, Hangzhou and Anhui and other places also have businesses and individuals in this area. Sinopec Beijing Chemical Industry Research Institute in 1998 to proceed with the study of wood flour-filled plastic extrusion process, in the formula, special equipment, products, mold design has made great breakthroughs, and has the industrialization of technological outdoor floor wholesalers In addition, the Chinese Academy of Forestry where the wood processing technology to suppress the development of wood products, is also made gratifying progress.
Plastic sheet products have broad application prospects and market prospects, its application is very extensive. According to the application of material properties and related reports at home and abroad, has been the development of the use and use of the occasion are as follows: parks, stadiums, streets and other occasions,outdoor decking price especially for open-air tables and chairs; building materials, ceiling, roof, highway noise baffle And so on; municipal transport signs, advertising boards, grid plate, car decorative plates, etc .; packaging materials, handling Dianban, trays and chassis; family walls, flower boxes, fences, walkways, flooring, Decorative plates, flooring and so on.
Floor structure as "sandwich", that is, the use of high-quality surface layer of precious hardwood mosaic of puzzle plate,lightweight balcony flooring the center layer of the substrate with a fast-growing soft material, the floor with fast-growing poplar or hard wood. Laminate flooring of the scientific name of impregnated paper laminated wood floor. It also has a three-layer structure, the surface is impregnated with melamine resin impregnated decorative paper, the core layer for the high-density fiberboard or particleboard,Anticorrosive WPC flooring the bottom is impregnated with phenolic resin balance paper. The three layers are made by hot pressing of synthetic resin. Such flooring is characterized by good wear resistance and dimensional stability.

① Although the use of such flooring material is bamboo, but also belong to the class of bamboo plants, with cellulose, lignin and other ingredients.outdoor plastic wood flooring Therefore, people have always put bamboo into wood science. So the material, although not wood, but also in the ranks of wood flooring. Bamboo is characterized by wear, after pest control, anti-corrosion processing from the color bleaching and carbonization of two.

② bamboo flooring. Such floor surface layer and the bottom are bamboo, the middle is soft wood, usually with fir. This type of structure is not easy to deformation of the floor.PVC Fencing For Your Garden Fifth cork flooring cork flooring is not actually made of wood into the floor, but the cork oak tree bark as raw material, after crushing, hot pressing made of sheet metal, and then processed into the floor through the machinery and equipment. This plate shape similar to the soft plank, is characterized by light, soft, foot feel good.
Solid wood flooring is made of wood processing, trees in place after stripping the bark, in addition to branches after the trees can be processed wood flooring raw materials.Wood Plastic Material The tree is a natural growth of the body, due to the growth of climate, soil conditions and other external factors, its structure, nature not only because of different species, even the same species, different parts of the same strain will be different for our In the wood floor production and processing and laying process must understand and master the structure of wood.

Nature and variation of the law Wood is composed of numerous cells. The size of the wood cell size, coupled with the natural growth conditions,wood plastic material different types of wood vary widely. Wood and its metal materials, or have its inherent advantages and disadvantages, wood has a natural color and beautiful patterns, and easy to color, and paint, but because of the different structure of wood thickness of different performance, paint the effect is different. Wood has a high ratio of strong to strong, its strength and the ratio of high quality, greater than the average steel.Wood Plastic Wall Panel Decoration Material Wood insulation, the electric conductivity of the minimal, so the wood processing of the floor, both the insulation properties, there is insulation.

Wood has a certain hardness, but also has a certain plasticity. Easy to accept the various materials and other cutting tools and machine processing, wood easy to connect,WPC Product Testing Methods with glue or nails, screws and tenon are easily firmly connected to each other. Timber can be artificially cultivated tending, to keep growing, inexhaustible, inexhaustible.
the road is very far away, thank you very much for the arrival, thank you! Or to greet: Dear Zhang Chairman, Lv Bin Secretary-General, ladies and gentlemen, the media friends and the European floor colleagues: Good evening! Today is the European floor of the 2010 Spring Festival, the theme of this year's annual meeting is: "to create a miracle of faith, with confidence to write brilliant," Recalling the past, the European floor plant in 2002 has been eight years, The floor every year in the steady growth, even in the case of the 2009 financial crisis, the European floor of the overall sales or an increase of 30%.Recyclable wood plastic composite pergola Summary of the reasons for success: learning is the core competitiveness of enterprises.

I have led my team at Peking University, together into training companies, Chinese business school learning, in the learning process thanks to Peking University students, together into a teacher, Chinese students on our Support and help. But the most important thanks to my mentor, he in 1997 to guide me on this road to success, he asked us to be honest, treat our family, treat our employees, treat our customers ; Work to be down-to-earth, do a region, it is necessary to do a good job in this region, the consumer service, who won the consumer, who will win the market. He is my mentor, but also my leadership, he is our chairman Zhang Changli, very grateful to him for his help to me has been the spur, only today I can stand on this stage, thank you! Summary European successful experience of the floor, that is the word "is not simple" is not simple is to do simple things every day.

 say a little more if it is to say three more words: the prospective party can only be one Fan career; and people who can hold a career; long-term strategy to develop a career! Our chairman gave us to set a three-year long-term development strategy, that is to make a strong regional brand development into a national brand. What is the final stage of enterprise development is not important, it is important in the development process so that employees, consumers get benefits, so that our agents, partners and the community benefit, this is our ultimate goal of development. I believe that under the correct leadership of the company, under the guidance of the European team's joint efforts, in the presence of you with the support and help, the European floor will continue to write brilliant. Finally, I wish all of you here, as well as partners who have worked with the European floor, as well as employees who have worked in the European floor.
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Throughout the past few years to develop, it is the development of China's real estate construction, so I believe that in 2010 with the development of small and medium-sized cities continue to enhance the demand for building materials industry usher in a new upsurge. We Europeans in the market development is very good, I think the European people to achieve rapid development for many reasons, there is an important reason is that under the leadership of the chairman of the insistence of the interests of consumers for the greatest demand. At the same time we insist on doing the brand, in 2010 we pay more attention to enhance their brand, because it is brand consumption era, in this era is the brand pass, there is no brand no consumers. 
We remember that the theme of the information age competition is the brand, I remember the former Japanese Prime Minister said a word, in international exchanges, Sony is my left face, Toyota is my right face, in fact, the Prime Minister is talking about the brand,Environmentally friendly WPC wall panel because the brand Is the industrialization, market-oriented products, advanced brands, well-known brand is the embodiment of advanced technology and quality. In the era of brand consumption, who has the brand who will be able to get more consumer support, who will be able to obtain more profits and wealth. Can be said that under the conditions of a market economy, with well-known brands, it has a stronger competitive edge, you can earn more wealth, so this is why the world's enterprises to do the secret of the brand is to earn More profits, so our agents in this meeting, back around to find ways to enhance our European floor visibility, reputation. Some agents may ask how to do the brand? I joined the European floor for two months.
I watched the European team, I saw the chairman of the board, feeling deep. In Europe people work more than two months time I have an experience, each of our employees is the brand, every service is our brand, every detail is the brand, just joined the European people, the chairman left me Words: "No matter which agents to join us in Europe, the most important thing is to make money agents." I am in the flooring industry services for more than a decade, I come in contact with different brands, why some brands in the development process of wandering, back, is not handled properly the relationship between brands and agents, and our chairman really made me sigh.
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It is up to March 15 this year, has just won the national patent with a three-dimensional decorative texture (3D synchronous wood) of the laminate flooring. The surface of the floor not only provides a more realistic visual texture of wood and its details (including trees, wood thorns, knots, etc.) decorative effect, but also show uneven surface of the three-dimensional sense of the floor. WPC fence materialSo that the floor is closer to the visual and tactile wood. In recent years, in order to pursue the natural simplicity of natural wood decorative effect, simulation of solid wood flooring into the floor market mainstream products. This kind of flooring mainly adopts the synchronous wood grain technology, 
namely, the wood grain surface engraved on the surface of the steel template and the wood grain pattern on the decorative paper are correspondingly positioned and simultaneously pressed on the floor surface to form the simulation natural wood texture structure. However, this technology to produce the simulation of solid wood flooring, but deep groove position in the wood to suppress the groove, there is still three-dimensional sense is not strong, visual and tactile enough not so fine defects. In view of these applications and technical deficiencies, by Dr. Yu Gang led the R ; D center has developed a three-dimensional decorative texture of the laminate flooring. Shengda R ; D center is the floor of the new technology products continue to market,
 leading the new trend of the floor of the propeller. They not only built a national accredited laboratory, but also bear the national ;Eleventh Five-Year; science and technology support project ;living and indoor environmental noise control and improvement of key technology research; sub-topic ;noise mute wood floor research.; 10 years, or R ; D center developed a large number of new technology products. Anti-bacterial mildew floor, magnetic health floor, far-infrared health floor, noise reduction floor, and so have access to the national patent. Among them, anti-bacterial anti-mildew floor was also named the 2005 national key new products. In addition, they developed the ;fire-retardant laminate flooring; has reached the national standard requirements, 
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small brands to do personalized market, because it can be a very good social resources, only the market segment personality Of the positioning and popularization in the mainstream market positioning can adapt to a better society, two or three years later, the wood flooring industry will be the same as this year's refrigerator and color TV industry.The beginning of the new year, Wood Plastic Flooring For Kids Play Areathe Chinese flooring industry around the German Kono Group's Rhine Sunshine flooring and the Holy Land between the E0 trademark intellectual property disputes once again upgraded. Rhine Sunshine owner Kenuo Group to the Beijing Second Intermediate People 's Court proceedings, the hospital was January 6 formally accepted the case.

 Kono filed an indemnity claim in the indictment statement, E0 is a registered trademark of the plaintiff's registered trademark (No. 3401199). The defendant will be the plaintiff registered trademarks and the main part of the EO very close to the EO and the circular chart for trademark registration applications and its Web site, promotional materials and product packaging as a trademark, not only mislead the consumer, but also seriously damaged the plaintiff registered trademark Exclusive right, to the plaintiff caused a certain economic losses. 

Therefore, Connaught asked the defendant to immediately stop the infringing news, and compensate the plaintiff economic loss of 2.69 million yuan. Mr. Yang Zhiming, marketing director of Rhine Sunshine, said that the goal of Rhine Sunshine is to create an international brand, so the development and protection of intellectual property has always been an important measure for brand development. It is reported that the Kono Group in the request for action at the same time, but also to Beijing, Wuhan, Jinan and other 12 cities of the business sector to report ;San Xiang; alleged infringement, and last December 23 to January 9 this year, In Anhui, Shanxi and other places with the industrial and commercial law enforcement departments of the elephant part of the infringing products were seized. 
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What is the effective space for bactericidal action? These require further study. Related links: the concept of antibacterial sterilization: the object of all microorganisms on the body and spores kill all kill, called sterilization. Sterilization methods are more: high temperature and pressure sterilization and chemical sterilization. Disinfection: can only kill the general pathogenic microorganisms,High Quality Wood Plastic Flooring Provider called disinfection. Sterilization: to kill the role of microbial vegetative and propagating body called sterilization. 
Bacteriostasis: to prevent or inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms called antibacterial. Bacteriostatic drugs called antibacterial agents or preservatives. Antibacterial: bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect of the total known as antibacterial. Recently, the Beijing Municipal Government in the home, building materials market to carry out special rectification work is entering a climax, check the quality awareness, check the physical quality of products, check quality assurance measures, check quality standards, 
check the quality of service ;five investigation; work in the city home , Building materials market in full swing. In the five check which, man-made board is still the focus of supervision and spot checks, in particular, health problems of the floor has become the top priority of people's attention. Summer is a good time for consumers to choose building materials, promotions are also many, but experts advise you to choose the floor or to be careful, and do not forget to see whether it is healthy floor. Formaldehyde content is still the floor of the key indicators Last year, after SARS in Chengdu, held in the strengthening of the wood floor summit,
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the elephant is the flagship enterprise of the domestic wood flooring industry, occupying 60% market share of the high-end products of the flooring industry, and the group has more than 2,000 years in the country. Home "St. elephant" brand direct sales franchise stores, the elephant floor since 1995 for 12 consecutive years of national sales first. Optimistic about the prospect of the Group is worth mentioning that in March last year, the same 40% of the shares, Da Asia Technology has to transfer the party asking price is too high and give up the priority subscription rights. At that time,Replacement Your Marine Boat Decking Shengxiang Industrial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. holds this part of the shares. After considering the Board of Directors of the Asia-Pacific Science and Technology Company,
 it is considered that the conversion price of 40% of the audited net assets of RMB330 million in 2006 was RMB212 million. The company believes that reasonable premiums are acceptable on this basis, and the price of the company is far beyond the reasonable expectations of the company, so the company decided to give up the priority subscription rights. After a lapse of two months, Jiangsu International Trust Company from the elephant industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. transferee 40% stake in the elephant group, the transaction price of 400 million yuan. For the acquisition, the Pacific [15.35 -1.60%] securities analyst Cheng Xiaodong to the "Daily Economic News" reporter said that by the global financial crisis, domestic and international real estate market shrinking rapidly, the floor industry boom also will turn cold. This year
the flooring industry bottomed out, the company eager to buy may be related to the industry boom is closely related to warmth. Public information shows that the Group in 2008 still achieved net profit of 92.28 million yuan, an increase of 8% in 2007. Environmentally friendly pergola
Another researcher said that the big science and technology "old things to mention" this is expected to happen, but the acquisition of the company did not take any cheap. From the company rush to see that the company is very optimistic about the prospects of the Group, in the long run, the company will be included in the entire stake in the company, will undoubtedly grow the company's main business, thickening corporate profits. At the same time relative to the same industry stocks, the company's current share price is not high, which is the company's share price yesterday, a reason for daily limit.
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We are optimistic about this status quo, 2009, our category was extended, launched a reinforced composite wood flooring, such products can be more adapted to the needs of three or four cities, this round of regulation and the state launched Related policies, for us is a benefit.High quality WPC pergola Feel very confident, very promising? Yes. Referred to strengthen the composite floor, China is a flooring industry, but the core technology to strengthen the wood floor is always catch up with abroad, how do you view this problem?

 I do not think so, for example, the lock or surface treatment, I think the current China's laminate flooring area also emerged a lot of outstanding enterprises, long Sheng in this start late, but the two or three years of active Of the exploration, we are about to launch a new solid wood, which is upgraded to strengthen the composite wood flooring, using the industry's new technology to restore the texture of solid wood, so that the majority of ordinary consumers can enjoy the solid wood,Privacy Vinyl Fencing Installation Tips which is our greatest pursuit The This year long Sheng attended the floor exhibition, in terms of exhibitors and what is the same place in previous years? 

This year the show is very suitable for the feeling of ace, which is the form. Content perspective is the responsibility, is the consumer, the industry, the commitment to society, we are willing to do more responsibility, hope the media, industry associations and society, consumers can supervise us. What new products have we launched this year at the floor show? What are the promotions? Mainly launched this year, personality, high-end products, our new solid wood products have also debut, then in many cities, many long Sheng floor of the store to see this product.
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