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floor industry veterans signed
signings, which is the largest pattern of flooring industry nowadays popular marketing means, which is known as "The most diligent" CEOs when the number of Ruijia floor general manager Yuan Yide, his most of the year weekend is the second and third tier cities across the country to sign the activities spent.Privacy Vinyl Fencing Installation Tips The same is the sign, the number of different brands is not the same. May 15, just signed back from Zhengzhou Yuan Yide in an exclusive interview with this reporter, the big floor of the floor industry veterans signed a variety of "strange", such as gift feedback only fame, regional director fake CEOs, fake "foreign directors" Help out, exaggerate the 
scale of enterprises and so on. Yuan Yide said that the public came out to expose the signing of the "tricky" is not to combat opponents, but hope that the floor between enterprises through healthy competition to promote the healthy development of the industry,Installation Guide of WPC Railing so that consumers get real benefits from the signings. Strange one: one million big names do not match the CEOs of the reason why the sale of sales is quite effective, largely from the consumer to see the brand boss in person to second and third tier cities, in the psychological will produce more trust, Coupled with the veterans are often not empty-handed, but to gift-giving way to attract consumers, 
but there is a lot of knowledge. Yuan Yide told reporters that a brand floor in the "51" during the CEOs to carry out the signing, while playing the "million gift truth feedback consumer" banner, the use of various media, use propaganda vehicles, large inkjet, and even artificial speakers " And other forms for the CEOs to sign the rally,Choose Wood Plastic Flooring Tips many people are directed at the "gift" to go. But if the consumer calm down afterwards, it is easy to judge this "ceremony" of credibility. For example, if a president to a city sign to bring "million gift", if the period sold 100,000 square meters, the cost per square meter of the cost of 10 yuan cost, but if only sales of 10,000 square 
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