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Flooring and other furniture
With the development of the Internet, many furniture companies involved in water and electricity providers, flooring companies are no exception. Flooring and other furniture composite decking no fading companies have transition electric shocks the Internet, it is learned that the floor furniture stores in recent years, such as reduced traffic. A floor store electrical business people said, in fact, online store is a physical store supplement, but also to follow the big trend. The status quo tragic floor furniture business such as house exterior with balconies burning when the electricity business is not a new thing, in recent years, has been speculation in the industry fiery. Flooring and other furniture products in addition to some consumables, the majority of consumer products are longer cycle, repeated purchase cycle is long, even with the reputation to upvc cladding suppliers bring the second consumption, it is difficult to form a continuous sticky, only through the market Put to attract new users, the market cost can not be high? The most important thing is the vertical furniture store basic maintenance in purdah no one knows.

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