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New focus on the promotion of wood - plastic building templates
As the traditional bamboo template is a resource product, need a lot of cutting wood, a waste of ecological resources. Through the United States, Canada, then, with the use of plastic templates instead of the traditional bamboo template idea.
     It is understood that the new building composite plastic template with waterproof, moisture, sunscreen, environmental protection and energy saving, recyclable, excellent fire performance, simple installation, plasticity and other characteristics, to solve the wood products on the wet, multi-water environment, Decay, expansion and deformation of the problem, than the traditional bamboo template has a stronger environmental adaptability.
    New building plastic composite template to recover waste plastic as the main material to wood fiber, light calcium as filler, add a variety of additives modified, co-extruded foam molding, is an energy-saving environmentally friendly building template. The template product processing performance, construction convenience, quality and stability, after a wide range of construction application practice, has been successful and mass production. The promotion and application of the product, will promote the construction industry, "plastic and steel, with plastic and wood", saving resources.
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