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the use of ordinary sealant
the use of ordinary sealant without the use of weather-resistant silicone sealant for outdoor caulking, ultraviolet radiation through the sun, glue premature aging, resulting in cracking. the use of the structure of the silicone sealant, weathering silicone sealant, wall glue, glue blistering, cracking or no solidification, resulting in curtain wall seepage.Refinishing Composite Plastic Deck Furniture
The structure of the silicone sealant contact material compatibility test, the results of silicone sealant and aluminum, glass, tape and other materials are incompatible, the occurrence of chemical changes affect the adhesion, while affecting the sealing effectcheap plastic composite privacy fencing ideas
The 1.3, glass glass strength is not checked, the glass does not have enough bearing capacity, cracking in the typhoon rain broken, leading to water. glass is not for thermal stress checking, a large area of glass absorbs sunlight, thermal stress exceeds its allowable stress, causing thermal fracture, curtain wall leakage. glass size tolerance exceeded.patios using composite decks Leeds
the amount of glass on both sides of the embedded and the gap does not meet the requirements, installed on the open frame glass curtain wall, the glass is too small, the slot embedded depth is insufficient, the width of the gap can not meet the requirements of the glass easily rupture from the edge. The glass is too large, then the slot is too deep embedded position, the glass is easily inflated by aluminum extrusion caused by water leakage.boat decking products manufacturer

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