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The key is to maintain communication into fifa
The key is to maintain communication, assessment of the game, for the following ready. We are now focused on this game, we have to win this game. We analyzed Stoke, they always fly balls found in the wind. You have to overcome all kinds of difficulties, which is why we need to do to prepare, so we can tell the fifa 17 ps coins players how the opponent is like. "

I've said at a news conference on Bojan and Sacchi are great offensive player, who previously Barcelona and Bayern such a great club to play, but you can not say that a club like Stoke City will not The players buy their rank.

I can not shout that we must strengthen the defense this is the case, the zero closure opponents well and good, but we have to attack, a good grasp of our opportunities. There are a lot of us want to improve the place."

"A month ago, we were the first English fifa 17 xbox coins Premier League. Now everything has changed, but probably in the next month, we fight for the title. However, we must first win at Stoke City, which is the most important goal now . BY here now... come on!

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