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Reconstruction Scheme of Best Concrete Mixer for South Road
China's in-car announcement, recently received a number of overseas orders,
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which, holding subsidiary of the Quartet shares involved in the Sino-Indonesian high-speed rail contractor consortium, and the Indonesian high-speed rail company signed the Indonesian Yavan high-speed rail project general contract (EPC),

the total contract amount 32.4 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), of which the Quartet shares responsible for providing 350 km high-speed EMU, totaling about 2.51 billion yuan.
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According to the Hong Kong newspaper "newspaper" website reported on April 11, in addition, the subsidiary of the United States in the United States issued a number of contracts, including the United States MassachusettsBayTransportationAuthority signed about 1.74 billion yuan of subway vehicle sales contract;

with the United States LosAngelesCountyMetropolitanTransportationAuthority signed about 44.6 (SEPTA) bus procurement project, the total amount of about 1.11 billion yuan,
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of which the basic order of about 1 billion yuan, of which about 1.23 billion yuan, the order of about 3.23 billion yuan, while winning the United States Southeast Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (SEPTA) 950 million yuan, optional orders of about 160 million yuan.

The company said the wholly owned subsidiary of Zhuzhou electric locomotive and the Malaysian Ministry of Communications signed a contract of about 1.32 billion yuan EMU sales. China Railway Corporation in accordance with the B2B business model,
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the Chinese side by the China Railway Corporation led the organization of railway design, construction, equipment and operations and other enterprises formed a consortium, and the Indonesian Vicat Company - led partnership of state - owned enterprises.

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