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Enjoy the cool summer outdoor furniture for life
In the rich life, the realm of the Tang Dynasty, the poet is so enjoy their summer night: in the surface fade heat, casually lying on the outside stone steps, enjoy the Galaxy sky stars, see bored ladies in the rush fireflies ... ...
Poetic not only exists in the verse, but also a normal mode of life. Like the great poet Du Mu in general, in the summer night to enjoy the outdoor time, not arty, and can better understand the life of every minute, people return to the soul of calm. But to enjoy a comfortable summer night, and ultimately, comfortable and happy outdoor furniture.
And for those living in the outskirts of people, enjoy the meaning of outdoor space may be greater, but also a unique advantage. On the balcony, the rooftop or the pool, you can hear the insects in the hills of the mountain, the wind blowing through the leaves of the whirring, see the distant rise of the moon. These ancient life scenes, pass by fleeting, but know how to stop the pace to slowly appreciate, but it can be out of a unique flavor. Although not as poets like the export of written, but it can have that a poetic state of mind.
Outdoor space for people, although there is no need for water in the fish. But for a long time living in a closed room space for people to be able to breathe a fresh fresh air, and nature to a close contact, is the best reward for the day hard. Hot summer weather, people will be trapped in a closed air-conditioned room, one day can enjoy the outdoor space time, is limited to the hot air faded summer night. Therefore, the more to the aggressive summer, the more in the outdoor life to give yourself a better reward.
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