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Facing the integration of the era of outdoor furniture industry how to be immune
First of all, we must recognize the outdoor furniture industry where the door of life. The outdoor furniture industry's life door, is the "channel"! Each channel replacement, will bring the rapid growth of outdoor furniture industry.
We can be analogous to the indoor furniture, the United States Lele monk goods with the help of electricity providers quickly expand the channel to become the pride of peer eyes. The same reason, the outdoor furniture industry can also use this channel by means of electricity, quickly on the occupation of the market. Therefore, the outdoor furniture industry must not underestimate the establishment of new channels.
Secondly, we must recognize the outdoor furniture industry needs what kind of new "channel." The outdoor furniture industry needs a new "channel" is to make the industry upstream and downstream seamless docking e-commerce platform.
In this regard, China's outdoor furniture network doing my part to walk in the forefront of the industry. China's outdoor furniture network industry, large data function design, is for the industry suppliers and distributors and services. In this site's large data module, brings together the Chinese outdoor furniture, upstream and downstream products and sales of the most detailed information, so that upstream and downstream enterprises can choose from any purchase and purchase. Such a new "channel", it is the outdoor furniture industry most needed.
Nine is building materials network summary
Throughout the Chinese outdoor furniture market, in the still depressed external environment, this new "channel" is the outdoor furniture business or physical store the best choice. At the same time, the upstream and downstream should seize the market, and actively develop three or four lines of the market, and with a second line of market integration.
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