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many flooring companies can make a difference
many flooring companies can make a difference
Fully do both domestic and foreign markets Recently, the rich forest floor analysis of the market environment that from the previous single-oriented, to fully utilize the domestic and foreign markets, will be under the influence of the financial crisis, China's export business of the main floor of the floor. Fulin floor marketing center, the person in charge told reporters: "In fact,Why Choose Vinyl Fencing for Outdoor the rich floor of the floor from the export to the domestic transformation, does not mean that to abandon the foreign market, but in a special economic environment to make adaptive adjustment." According to the authority Department of estimates: the current domestic flooring market available space in 350 million square meters, the international flooring market available space in the 400 million square meters, so that the size of the market or so many flooring companies can make a difference. 
Beginning in 2008, Fu Lin floor into a huge human, material and financial resources for the construction of the development of the domestic market, has more than 30 large and medium provinces in more than 400 secondary and tertiary cities to establish a dealer and shop system.recyclable WPC pergola material Accurate to the 23 market transfer With the major real estate developers have fought two or three cities, the flooring market with the real estate industry to the second and third tier cities. In the export to domestic sales adjustment plan, the rich forest floor will focus on the beginning of the strategy aimed at two or three cities, so that accurate marketing. According to the person in charge of Fulin floor, in the second and third tier market strategic transfer process, to select the industrial market.
by the financial crisis, "survival of the fittest" survival rules, the existing industrial market to re-evaluate the screening is still active Of the project to expand the terminal network; the same time, in addition to the professional development of large-scale building materials market,withstand moisture wood composite pergola the need to enter the local influential building materials wholesale market, and to ensure its adequate product resources and promotional promotional items to provide a strong promotion stand by. According to the Beijing Morning News reported that September 13 to 16, China Forest Products Industry Association in the International Exhibition Center held the sixth China International Ground Decoration and carpet exhibition. 
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