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What is beach chairs?And the characteristics of it.
Beach chairs can also be called a folding chair, or chair, its main characteristic is the ability to fold, easy to carry, has become one of the essential equipments to outside travelers.
Beach chair, is a kind of leisure.Beach chair beach chair can be divided into cloth, Leisure and beach chairs, outdoor beach chairs, folding beach chair, the cortex, stainless steel, plastic and other materials, outdoor recreation and indoor rest of the comfortable chair.And the production of recreational beach chairs are generally pure hand-woven, due to the use of relatively soft, and people feel comfortable and generous, good air permeability, more and more owners of all ages.Outdoor beach chair and the chair is not only for leisure travelers convenience tool, but also as a beautiful landscape in cities.
Features: 1. After contraction, small size, easy to carry.
2. The overall design based on engineering mechanics, all points bear stress evevnly.
3. The fastener battery use ABS engineering plastic, more sturdy and wearable.
4. The design principle of the full use of triangular stability, so that the overall stability of swinging.
5. The force point for the reinforcement of the dermis, more durable.
6. The surface fabric adopts the double PU coating fabric, Oxford, wear-resistant anti-aging, anti-tear; Good waterproof performance, give full consideration to the characteristics of outdoor application.
7. The next table.To facilitate outdoor glass of water, small-ticket items.
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