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Maintenance method of wood - plastic floor
Wood-plastic floor is made of high-quality wood-plastic plate made of wood-plastic floor will have a layer of wear-resistant layer, wear-resistant layer if the wear and tear will affect the floor of the moisture resistance and brightness. Therefore, the maintenance and cleaning of wood flooring must be done.
First, we need to pay attention to is walking on the floor, the owner try to wear slippers, wholesale wood-plastic composite wall panels in the ukbarefoot best.
Second, it is best to put the furniture at home feet are placed on the soft bottom of the protective pad, so as not to scratch the floor wear layer. Also in the clean-up time, be sure not to let sandpaper, sander or metal tools more hard to clean the wood flooring cleaning.
Third, the wood flooring to clean up the time, first with a rag dipped in Taomi water directly wipe, but also to Taomi water evenly sprayed on the wooden floor, and then until 5 to 10 minutes later, wipe clean with a dry cloth , The floor will become much cleaner.
Fourth, for some special stains, such as paint, ink, etc. can be used directly to the oil to clean the cleaning.
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